• Sky Sternberg

How To Choose the Right Paint Color the First Time

Have you ever painted a wall and when it was done you didn’t like the color even though you had spent a long time at the paint store pouring over swatches? Or noticed that the color looks great at night but not in the middle of the day?

We have compiled a step by step “How to” to help you achieve greater color choice success and gain the room of your dreams.

  • First you are going to want to look at carpeting and wood flooring in the room to help you with your color choice.

  • Also, what colors do you want to accentuate in your room taking into considerations some of your favorite items like furniture, paintings or other art?

  • Next thing to take into consideration is how do you want this room to feel: Warm or Cool? Spacious or Cozy? Modern or Traditional?

  • After you get a sense of your color ideas, go to the paint store to look at swatch samples and choose at least two colors. 40% of the time when people take home samples they actually chose their second color preference.

  • Get a “sample” quart, this is a cheaper type of paint that most paint stores sell for putting color samples on your wall. “Sample” paint is not durable like regular paint. You may use a regular quart of paint if they don’t have sample quarts.

  • Apply paint primer 24”x 24” square for every sample you are going to use. Keep these squares a few feet apart. After the primer dries, apply your sample color in the middle of the primer square as a 12”x 12” square. This larger white square is important to give you a neutral look at the color samples.

  • Looking at the samples on your wall in all lighting including morning, night, afternoon, natural light and artificial room light. You want to make sure you like this color in all circumstances.

  • **If your samples are darker or a shiner sheen (flat vs egg shell or semi-gloss) than your final paint choice, make sure to prime your wall over samples before you paint. Sheen base paint on sheen base paint leaves a shinier surface because the sheen builds upon itself.

Going through these steps are going to save you a possible big headache and money. At Star Mountain Painting, you wouldn’t believe how many times customers have paid us to repaint a wall they painted because they don’t like the color.

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