• Sky Sternberg

Handy Resources for Picking Your Home Paint Colors

There are tons of resources out there to help you with the process of color choice. Here are

some quick ideas that could help your process significantly.

1. Paint color wheels for different companies. There are thousands of different shades of white let alone all the other colors on a color wheel. Look at multiple wheels even when you are using a specific brand of paint. Most paint companies are happy to do color matches of other company’s colors and often have a lot of the formulas already figured out for popular colors and brands. Try these on for size:

2. Color "Visualizers." Most paint companies now have software you can get that will show colors that you are looking at in a living space. You will still want to put up color samples on your walls to see exactly how they look in your home, but it can be very useful in narrowing down your color choices for ceilings, walls, and trim in a specific room or coming up with a trim color that works with all the colors in the house. Here are some links to the most helpful ones we have found:

3. What do you like? If you are painting exterior, drive around a neighborhood you like and look at the color choices of the homes you like. Don’t be shy, it is a huge compliment to ask a homeowner what their colors are. Generally, they will be more than happy to share with you.

4. Consult with an interior designer. A good interior designer will incorporate the room, the furniture, the drapes, the artwork, and any special features of the room in the color choosing process. Ask for recommendations as not all designers are created equal.

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